“Drawing is still basically the same as it has been since prehistoric times. It brings together man and the world. It lives through magic”. (Keith Haring)

I am a painter, photograhper and art historian, trained at the voor Beeldende Vorming in Tilburg (2D autonomous art) and the Leiden University (Master of Arts, history and theory of modern and contemporary art). I primarily work 2D in a style that can best be described as linked to pop art. Therefore Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf can be named as artists I’m inspired by.

Inspiration I can get from (modern) media such as music, film, and literature, but also from science and (art) philosophy. For example the work of Ronald Barthes. Together this forms the basis of my work, always joyfull and graphical.

I work autonomous, but I’m open for commissions. In the past I exhibited, amongst others, in the De Pont Museum (Tilburg), the Beurs van Berlage (Amsterdam) and several art galleries (The Art Store (Bruges), Galerie Kubra (Den Bosch)). My work is in several private collections, for example American video artist Bill Viola owns one of my photos.

I live and work in Nijmegen. If you have questions, want more information or want one of my paintings, feel free to contact me at info@maykelschoonus.nl !

 “Isn't life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?” (Andy Warhol)